Pasta La Vista

Experiencing the ture taste of Italian Pasta


Hadi Chamani




Pastala Vista​


Focusing on the quality of materials used / personalized services / benefiting from professional technical staff

Beginning of

fall of 2019

Current Manager

hadi Chamani

Raggina’s Approach to the Branding Project of “pastala vista”


Visual Identity Design

Brand naming

Tagline Development



Packaging Design and Execution

Motion graphics

What was the vision of this brand?

Understanding the essence of Pasta La Vista and the aspirations of its management, Raggina CreativeWorks initiated a comprehensive collaboration to shape the brand’s future. Maintaining a delicate balance between preserving authenticity and embracing innovation, Raggina meticulously analyzed the market landscape, competitors, and the target audience’s preferences.


What is the role of Raggina’s team in this project?

The strategic decisions made by Raggina’s creative and expert team were pivotal in shaping Pasta La Vista’s brand narrative. Every facet of the brand, from visual identity to packaging design, was crafted with precision and a deep understanding of the brand’s values and message. Raggina’s commitment to excellence extended to motion graphics, ensuring a dynamic and engaging brand presence across various platforms.

In the process of naming the brand, Raggina played a crucial role in selecting the moniker “Pasta La Vista,” a name that resonates with the brand’s commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience. The tagline development further solidified Pasta La Vista’s brand positioning, capturing the essence of the restaurant’s dedication to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction.

Why every business needs a brand identity?

The visual identity, a cornerstone of any successful brand, received meticulous attention from Raggina. Every aspect of Pasta La Vista’s visual communication was thoughtfully designed to convey the brand’s message cohesively. Raggina not only laid the foundation for the brand’s visual identity but also extended its expertise to create a lasting impression through the development of a unique audio identity.

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