Nakhl Sabz

Worldwide business that takes a long to put a footprint on!

Nakhl Sabz Trading Company, one of the largest production and distribution companies in the Middle East, was established in 2002. With over 60 years of experience in the procurement, distribution, processing, and export of various products, including dates, date syrup, date paste, date concentrate, raisins, pistachios, and dried fruits, Nakhl Sabz Sobhi Trading Company is one of the most significant trading companies in the country. The company is continually looking to expand its product range and activities in the global market. For this reason, it employs the latest available technologies and the most specialized professionals in every stage of its production, including cultivation, cleaning, and packaging. This commitment to creating value and providing high-quality services has led to the expansion of this company’s activities in Asian, European, and African countries.


Mohammad Sobh Rast


FMCG, Dried Fruits


Nakhl Sabz Sobhi


Market Development/Value Creation/Product Development

Beginning of

2014 Spring

Current Manager

Mohammad Sobh Rast

Raggina’s Approach to the Branding Project of “Nakhl Sabz Sobhi”:


Visual Identity Design



Communication Materials Design


Digital Marketing Services

Advertising Photography

Advertising Teaser

Although Nakhl Sabz Sobhi Trading Company has been focused on creating value and developing its products for many years, due to changes in the market, it has recognized the need to enter the digital space. For this reason, Raggina CreativeWorks meticulously formulated the digital marketing strategy for this brand. In other words, the brand’s digital presence, the manner in which it operates, and the extent to which it operates were all decided according to the latest algorithms and the most recent market knowledge. Additionally, digital marketing services, including the production of custom content and content strategy planning for Nakhl Sabz Sobhi Trading Company, were designed.

What is the role of Raggina’s team in this project?

The team of Raggina also designed the visual identity of the brand to best represent its character and values. The unique brand logo and other communication materials contributed to its differentiation and superiority over competitors. Additionally, it created a sense of increased trust in the company’s credibility. Having a principled visual representation that aligns with the brand’s personality allows for establishing connections with a broad range of customers and enhancing the brand’s credibility in the market.

A teaser advertisement is one of the most effective ways to professionally present a brand’s activities and the type of services it offers. It is important to note that a teaser advertisement must be designed following the complete principles of visualization and incorporating market knowledge, marketing art, and music. Without this, it will have a negative impact and damage the brand’s reputation. Raggina CreativeWorks ingeniously and professionally formulated the teaser advertisement for the Nakhl Sabz Sobhi brand. It highlighted the high-quality products and services offered by this brand to the fullest extent. In addition to creating a custom teaser, all the brand’s products were meticulously and effectively photographed by Rajina’s creative works.

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