Creating infinite beauty in interior design

Ali Ghorbani, the owner of the “Fenix” brand, with a visionary and perfectionist mindset, made the decision to provide high-quality and unique services in the field of interior decoration. As a result, the Fenix brand was created with the goal of offering unique services in interior decoration and the production of wooden home accessories. Customer satisfaction and continuous product and service development are the core values and objectives of this brand.


Ali Ghorbani


Manufacturer, Wood Industry


fenix corporation


Development and improvement / interaction / priority with the end user / prospective

Beginning of

2021 Summer

Current Manager

Ali Ghorbani

Raggina’s Approach to the Branding Project of “Fenix”:


Brand naming

Tagline developement

Visual identity design

brand strategy development


website design

 design of office stationery


content marketing

Why every business needs a brand identity?

To achieve these goals, Fenix partnered with experts in the field of interior decoration, and the foundations of the brand were established in the most robust way possible. Fenix rejuvenates your living space, providing serenity and vitality through home renovation.


After selecting a unique name and tagline for the Fenix brand, comprehensive long-term planning for brand’s activities commenced. At Raggina’s CreativeWorks, experts and experienced team members conducted precise analyses of competitors’ activities, market data, and audience personas. Consequently, the findings from this research and the values of the “Fenix” brand were integrated into the brand’s strategy, and the overall brand vision was formulated.

Every brand has a consistent personality with unique values and characteristics that need to be reflected in its visual representation. In other words, the visual identity, which is the primary means of communication for any brand with its audience, should be transparent and engaging to establish a close and lasting relationship with the audience. As such, the logo, office stationery, and all elements of the brand were designed with inspiration from the symbol of immortality and the forward-looking spirit of the brand.

A reputable brand that continuously develops products and creates unique value for its customers must also have an active presence in the digital space. Additionally, to establish effective communication with the audience and enhance the brand’s credibility, Rajggna crafted a content marketing strategy for the “Fenix” brand in the digital space. As a result of this effort, high-quality and practical content is being published on the brand’s website for its audience.

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